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Drag'n'Drop Uploads 6.x-1.x-beta2, 2010-01-08
- #668626: Fixed issue where WYSIWYG not re-enabled when re-enabling rich-text.
- #668620: Fixed issue with non-filefield CCK widget types.
- #650962: Improved support for Safari/Chrome with certain themes.
- Added initial code for Yahoo! BrowserPlus support.
- Changed Firefox 3.6 upload function to support the FileReader object.
- Fixed issue with failed uploads when more than one FORM is present on page.
- Fixed issue where changing the Input format disables WYSIWYG support.
- Improved Safari/Chrome WYSIWYG support.
Drag'n'Drop Uploads 6.x-1.x-0-beta1
- #640876: Added additional dropzones.
- #631366: Added support for Mozilla Firefox 3.6.
- #630666: Added support for Google Gears.
- Added upload progress bar.
- Added setting to hide textarea/WYSIWYG dropzone upload widget.
- Added support for the WYSIWYG module.
- Added support for CCK Formatters.
- Added configuration options.
- Improved Internet Explorer Google Gears support.
- Improved support for multiple textarea targets.
- Removed dependancy on Swell Javascript Library.
- Initial 6.x release.