@andrew_mallis All I have to do know is actually put them together :) That's the hard part. 1 year 45 weeks ago
Custom Formatters 6.x-1.5-beta4, 2010-06-27
- Fixed issue with Features integration.
Custom Formatters 6.x-1.5-beta3, 2010-06-27
- #825290: Fixed issue with function declaration when using the Features module.
- #824178: Fixed issue with advanced formatters displaying when field is empty.
- #808660: Fixed issue with Display Suite integration and basic formatters.
- #686030: Added ability to toggle formatter status.
- Added new exportable method (hook_custom_formatters_defaults()).
- Added features integration.
- Changed custom formatters system location.
- Removed 'cfid' column from database.
Custom Formatters 6.x-1.5-beta2, 2010-06-09
- #821346: Added 'basic' to 'advanced' formatter converter.
- #764608: Changed preview content types field from radios to selectbox.
- Added 'Save & Edit' button.
- Added 'basic' formatter export.
- Added export to tar/tgz.
- Changed the 'name' and 'label' database fields to 64 characters.
- Fixed issue with Imagefield description not rendering correctly via the Insert module.
Custom Formatters 6.x-1.5-beta1, 2010-03-02
- Added support for CCKs Content Multigroup module.
Custom Formatters 6.x-1.4, 2010-03-02
- #721526: Improved Preview functionality.
- #694814 by mauricemengel: Fixed error casued by custom_formatters_token_values().
- #691010: Added support for the Node displays module.
- Added two new hooks for future development.
- Added bulk operations.
- Added pager to overview.
- Fixed a bunch of PHP notices.
- Removed 'Delete' button from clone form.
Custom Formatters 6.x-1.3, 2010-02-01
- #694814: Fixed errors with undefined variables.
- #690948: Fixed issue where basic formatters where processed when fields were empty.
- #690936: Added additional tokens.
- #686030: Added Preview feature.
- #671532: Fixed issue with overly argumentative function.
- Added hook to display additional tokens in the basic editor tokens list.
- Added node tokens to basic editor.
- Added developer documentation.
- Fixed issue where using a basic formatter prevented further fields being formatted.
- Fixed issue where path_to_theme() in formatter returned path of module.
- Improved coding standards via the Coder Tough Love module.
- Improved node tokens preview.
Custom Formatters 6.x-1.2, 2010-01-15
- Added a basic HTML editor with Token support.
- Added support for the Insert module.
Custom Formatters 6.x-1.1, 2010-01-04
- #671532: Fixed multiple warnings.
- Added Clone feature.
- Added Export feature.
- Added support for multiple value formatters.
- Added missing implementation of hook_perm().
- Added basic help documentation.
- Changed 'description' field to optional.
Custom Formatters 6.x-1.0, 2009-12-30
- Initial 6.x release.